如果你的推特账号被意外冻结,你可以进行申诉并将其恢复。 即使不懂英文也可以参考下面方法。



2、填写你的信息和说明情况。其中Twitter username填写你的Twitter用户名,就是@的那个。不是昵称;Your email填写一个邮箱 用来联系你的。

3、你可以复制下面的问题描述模板到Description of problem一栏来说明情况。

如果发了些不和谐的内容被冻结 可以参考这个模板引用

I have been running my account within the boundaries of Twitter. I was careful of my content and made sure my tweets do not hurt or spam anyone. But my account was suspended for no clear reason. I’m not sure what went wrong. Please help

手机账号问题 申诉参考模板引用

I am a Chinese user whose account has been suspended accidentally. However, I didn’t violate the Twitter behavior rules, and I have problem providing my phone number ________.
Please unsuspend my account at your earliest convenience because it’s so important for me. Thank you!


运营商不支持:due to the mobile operators isn’t supported

收不到验证码:for failing to receive verification code (call)

出现技术问题:because of technical problem

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